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Dan Everesting

Everesting – More than just a solo journey up

Even though the event has concluded, more personal stories keep coming in from the Climb for Nepal campaign – people certainly went the extra mile in an effort to do more and make a long lasting impact to those in need. What starts as a very individual and personal quest to conquer the distance + climb […]


Drew Thornton – Everesting Recap

Sometimes the mere act of taking on a challenge is success in itself. We live in a world driven by numbers, of black and white when it comes to success or failure. With Everesting it’s simply reach 8848 meters and you are deemed to be successful but as we have seen with previous efforts, failing to reach that number […]

Earthquake survivors in Nepal haul away bags of food provided by Convoy of Hope.

New hope in Nepal – Stories from the ground

Convoy of Hope have been implementing food and shelter initiatives on the ground in Nepal following the earthquakes sent through this story on the impact and importance of the relief being provided. As the ground began to violently shake during April’s deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal, 13-year-old Manish jumped up from his chair in the […]

Rich Kemp – Everesting with a Twist

Everesting in itself is hard, its a test both physically and mentally. You need to be willing to dig deep as you constantly grind up and down the same climb in search of the magical elevation number. But when we heard on the grapevine that there was going to be an Everesting attempt with a […]